Our Mission

We support our clients to attain their financial goals

Our Core Values

We embrace the Chartered Professional Accountants Canada principles of professional behavior, integrity and due care, objectivity, professional competence and confidentiality.

Trust, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation drive our customer relationships. 

Trust is a personal value essential to business success. Trust is the basis for a healthy relationship.

Integrity, we walk the talk.

Teamwork; we work collaboratively based on an honest and open communication.

Innovation; we continuously pursue new and better ways of doing things and sensibly adopting new technologies.

Who we are

Based in Calgary, we work with small business owners in Alberta. We understand their needs as we are small business owners ourselves. 

Our clients value our expertise and most importantly, our clients value our advice on strategic decisions based on accounting analytics. How is accounts receivable affecting the cashflow? How innovative accounting internal processes help reduce operating costs? 

We assist our clients in their budget and forecast process and plan their growth. 

Carlos Besenyi, CPA, CGA

Carlos is a Chartered Professional Accountant, additionally he holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He developed a lengthy career in the Oil and Gas industry until he decided to fly on his own. Yes, fly is the appropriate term, as Carlos is a private pilot. Carlos is fluent in English, Spanish and Hungarian.
He established his company, Carlos Besenyi Professional Corporation, almost 10 years ago, and since then has been helping small business owners from various industries.

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